At least 39 people killed as a result of a hurricane in southern Brazil

The Brazilian authorities announced that at least 39 people were killed, in addition to 7 missing people, as a result of a hurricane that caused floods in the state of Rio Grande Do Sul, in the far south of the country.

On Thursday, state Governor Eduardo Leite declared a state of public disaster and canceled statewide performances that were to be organized to celebrate Brazilian Independence Day.

The state government said that the heavy rains resulting from the hurricane affected 80 cities and left more than 2,300 people homeless, and led to the displacement of more than 3,900 others.

It added that most of the missing people are residents of the small town of Mokum, which is one of the areas most affected by the floods, and nearby cities recorded many victims, as a result of the rising river water levels and the floods that swept away homes./End

Source: National Iraqi News Agency