Attab Al-Douri calls on the Cabinet to back down from the decision to grant Khor Abdullah channel to Kuwait

BAGHDAD / Former MP Attab Al-Douri called on the Council of Ministers for the reversal of its decision to grant the Khor Abdullah channel to Kuwait.

She told the that no Iraqi “can accept to grant any inch of its territory to any country whatever it was,” indicating that “the Iraqis paid the blood pure, in order to maintain their land, the code of their unity.”

She called on the people representatives in the House of Representatives to adopt a quick decision and a vote to overturn the Council of Ministers decision, which granted the Khor Abdullah channel to Kuwait.

She explained, “We do not want the positions and statements only without work and concrete steps towards this decision, which affects the rights of the people, but rather the need to overturn and the rejection of it in the next meeting and not to allow any breach or grabbing of these rights” .

Source: National Iraqi News Agency