Babylon Police Uncover The Circumstances Of A Mysterious Murder And Arrest The Perpetrator

The Babylon Police Command announced today, Saturday, that it had uncovered the circumstances of the murder of a forty-year-old man using a firearm in mysterious circumstances and that the perpetrator had been arrested within 24 hours.

Babylon Police Director of Information, Brigadier General Adel Al-Husseini, said: “After the body of a forty-year-old man from a governorate neighboring Babylon was found killed inside his car by gunfire in the head under mysterious circumstances, on the road linking Al-Qasim district and Al-Kifl district, a work team was formed and immediately began collecting information and review video surveillance cameras.

He added: “The team’s efforts bore fruit, in about 24 hours, in identifying the perpetrator’s identity, luring him from his governorate adjacent to Babylon, and arresting him. He confessed to committing the murder.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency