Basra crude recorded a rise of more than 5 dollars

Baghdad, The price of Basra Heavy crude rose, today, Wednesday, by more than 5 dollars, to exceed the 100 dollars barrier.

The price of a barrel of Basra Heavy crude, exported to Asia, reached $5.64, with a change rate of 5.73%, to reach $104.06 per barrel.

All OPEC crude prices also rose, except for Iranian heavy blend, which recorded $11.15, down 0.15 cents, while UAE Murban crude scored $113.24, an increase of $3.73, while Saudi Arabian crude scored $112.06 a barrel, an increase of $3.76, and Algeria’s Sahran blend reached $118.63. An increase of $3.28, and Nigerian Boni crude amounted to $118.12, an increase of $2.94, while Angola’s Girassol crude reached $115.60, an increase of $3.12.

Oil prices rose today, Wednesday, after the European Union threatened to close the Russian oil embargo, and China gradually eased some of its strict measures to contain the Corona virus.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency