Bitcoin Comes to the Middle East this Week with the Dubai Bitcoin Conference

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, Dec. 9, 2014 / PRNewswire — On December 12th & 13th the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) is hosting the Dubai Bitcoin Conference, a gathering of local and international leaders in the rapidly expanding digital currency space.

Recently, the digital currency known as Bitcoin has gained significant traction in the financial sector.  In the last year, companies involved in this technology have been recipients of more than $300 million in venture capital investments. Billion-dollar corporations, including Dell and Overstock, now accept bitcoin as a form of payment. Proponents believe the currency will transform not only the financial landscape, but the world as we know it.

The Dubai Bitcoin Conference will explore Bitcoin and related technologies and include a range of leaders in the field. Early adopter and entrepreneur Erik Voorhees, startup investor David Johnston, technologist Paul Snow of the Texas Bitcoin Conference, Bitcoin economic expert Greg Simon, Ira Miller, CEO of Coinapult, Charlene Chen COO of Bitpesa in Africa, Garret Cassidy from Circle, and CNET founder Halsey Minor of Bitreserve join the list of distinguished speakers. Local speakers include an advisor from the office of the cabinet, David El Achar of Yellow, Ola Doudin of BitOasis and others.

Veteran investment professional and president of the Bitcoin Association, Bruce Fenton, a backer of the conference, stated “We are all thrilled to support this protocol in a new region. It’s fitting that the world’s emerging technology meets the world’s emerging city. Bitcoin is changing the world and the Middle East is perfectly positioned to be a part of this transformation.”

“Bitcoin isn’t just about the currency, it’s about the underlying technical achievement,” said Greg Simon, CFO of, “This invention enables things to be done which could never be done before and has massive implications for our world.”

Sponsors include, Boston-based Circle, as well as local startups from the region including Yellow, Igot, and BitOasis. This conference is supported by the Bitcoin Center of NYC founder Nick Spanos and member Austin Alexander, the Bitcoin Association, and local and international Bitcoin Groups.

Conference attendees range from early stage startups, technophiles, students, investors, bankers and government officials. Tickets are $199 with several discount packages available from participants such as Circle.

Registration and the full event schedule is located at, the event hashtag is #DubaiBitcoin

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