BXB Announces First IEO Project on BXB Turbo

TALLINN, Estonia, April 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — BXB announced that IMChat will be launched on BXB Turbo as the platform’s first IEO project on April 9, 2019 UTC+8.

With their innovative mindset and professional capabilities, BXB will be launching the IEO project together with their leveraged trading products which include futures and options. BXB Turbo differs from the very successful Binance Launchpad by providing investors with more choices. Investors can aggressively choose leveraged products or use short-selling tools to hedge their risk and lock returns.

BXB Announces First IEO Project on BXB Turbo

IMChat is a blockchain-based instant messaging application that successfully integrates optimized instant messaging functions with blockchain application functions to support crypto wallets, transactions, payments, and digital currency red pocket, while providing an optimized instant messaging experience. IMchat provides an optimized and smooth experience to digital currency users and their communities. Different from other IEO projects, IMchat is a mature application that has quickly garnered more than 100,000 users internationally. IMchat caters to the large demand of the digital currency industry, which gives it considerable market growth potential. Its aggressive growth proves that IMchat has a strong management and development team with solid technical and operational capabilities.

Kwun, CEO of BXB Exchange commented, “IMchat is a very solid and mature project. They have market-proven products and a significant user base which gives them a large development space in the IM industry. Among the many projects that we have reviewed, we are very excited about IMchat in particular. We are very happy to have them as our first project to be launching on BXB Turbo. We are looking forward to seeing the success of IMchat.” Please visit BXB Turbo Launch for detailed information.

About BXB Turbo

BXB Turbo is the exclusive project launch platform dedicated to bringing high potential products to individual investors. BXB Turbo will launch project tokens with leveraged products giving users choices with varying levels of risk.

About BXB

BXB is an Estonia-based financial and blockchain technology company. BXB’s vision is to enable all small and micro investors to participate in digital asset transactions and make the experience more fair and convenient. BXB differs from others exchanges in that it provides coin-to-coin trading, options and futures trading, all in one platform.

For more information, visit: https://bxb.io/

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