By phone .. Masrour Barzani discusses with the UAE President the export of the region’s crops

Baghdad – The President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Masrour Barzani, discussed with Emirati President Mohammed bin Zayed ways to strengthen bilateral relations, especially with regard to trade and investment exchange.

The prime minister, according to a statement, thanked the Emirati president for the strong support, cooperation and coordination shown by Emirati officials for the success of the project to export the agricultural products of the Kurdistan region, especially pomegranates, to the United Arab Emirates and from there to other Gulf countries.

Barzani stressed: “The Kurdistan region can play an important role in providing food security in cooperation with the countries of the region.”

He pointed out that the export of pomegranates marks the beginning of the export of another group of crops in the Kurdistan region, including apples, grapes and honey.

The two sides also agreed to upgrade bilateral relations at all levels.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency