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ADNOC Signs Agreements with 25 Companies for Local Manufacturing Opportunities Potentially Worth up to AED 35 Billion

Abu Dhabi, UAE –Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) has signed agreements with 25 companies potentially worth AED 35 billion that will stimulate investment in local manufacturing of critical products in support of the diversification of the United Arab Emirates (UAE’s) industrial and manufacturing infrastructure. The agreements set out the suppliers’ intention to manufacture 21 products in the UAE, supporting the delivery of ADNOC’s 2030 strategy, as it cements its position as one of the world’s leading low-cost, lower-carbon intensity energy producers. Leading companies who have signed agreements with ADNOC include Siemens, Halliburton, Celeros FT, Emerson, Proton R&D and Schneider Electric. Among the products which could be manufactured in the UAE are pressure vessels; compressors; pipeline inspections gauges; specialist valves; industrial pumps; switchgears; variable speed drives and flame and gas detectors. The agreements could also see investments made in machining, reverse engineering and nondestructive testing equipment. The announcement was made

ADNOC and Siemens Energy to Co-Develop Blockchain-Based Low-CO2 Energy Certificates

Abu Dhabi – Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) and Siemens Energy AG today announced plans to pilot blockchain technology to certify the carbon intensity of a range of products. By using smart sensor data gathered from across ADNOC’s operational chain – from the oil well right to the customer – the pilot will show how much CO2 was used to make products such as Murban crude, ammonia, and aviation fuels. This information will be automatically recorded onto a decentralized blockchain ledger. Such transparency will allow independent regulators to certify the carbon intensity of products. It will also give customers greater confidence and clarity over the carbon footprint of their purchases. Abdulmunim Saif Al Kindy, Executive Director, People, Technology & Corporate Support Directorate at ADNOC, said: “People typically associate blockchain technology with crypto currencies, but the use of decentralized ledgers has significant implications for the energy industry. This pilot promises

NEXT50 to showcase ‘cutting edge technologies’ at Abu Dhabi Air Expo 2022

ABU DHABI, NEXT50, an Abu Dhabi based-technology company, will leverage the Abu Dhabi Air Expo 2022 to showcase the latest in state-of-the-art technologies and solutions to streamline airport and airline operations. The event, hosted at Abu Dhabi’s newly revamped Al Bateen Executive Airport, will be held from 1st November to 3rd November 2022. “The aviation sector is on a post-pandemic growth trajectory, and in order to cope with this growth, the industry is ripe for an AI-driven transformation,” explained Ibrahim Al Mannaee, NEXT50’s Chief Executive Officer. “NEXT50, with its in-house sectoral expertise, and in collaboration with its strategic global partners, is well-positioned to enable the regional aviation sector in its transformative AI and data journey. The value gained from embracing AI covers all stakeholders across the aviation sector, and we are able to deliver tailor-made AI and data solutions to cover this entire value chain. The Abu Dhabi Air Expo

Emirates Executive luxury private jet will be on showcase at Abu Dhabi Air Expo

DUBAI, UA.E. Emirates will be showcasing its Airbus A319 aircraft this year at Abu Dhabi Air Expo 2022. Emirates Executive, the airline’s luxury private jet will be on display on 1 November to visitors who want a glimpse into the spectacular world of private luxury flying on Emirates. Emirates Executive was introduced in 2013, complete with luxury interiors, including an even larger version of the airline’s sumptuous private suites and a generous multi-functional lounge area on-board, enabling a travel journey versatile enough to provide bespoke experiences to both private customers, families and large groups. Clients can personalise their experience and tailor the journey to their specific preferences. The aircraft’s configuration is designed with a high level of comfort in mind, and can carry up to 19 passengers. Alongside a spacious living and dining area, the ten private suites give travellers ample personal space and privacy to relax and unwind with