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MICCO’s new fleet of temperature-controlled vehicles boosts Abu Dhabi’s vaccine deliveries

ABU DHABI, In a move designed to enhance the UAE’s COVID-19 vaccine supply chain, and in keeping with its strategic long-term objective to expand its overall capabilities, Abu Dhabi Ports has announced the acquisition of 11 new specialised refrigerated vehicles by its subsidiary, MICCO Logistics. The acquisition, which is part of a broader strategy to expand and diversify MICCO’s growing vehicle fleet, boosts its local final-mile vaccine delivery capability to over 1.1 million vaccine doses per day. The addition supports the work of the Hope Consortium, an Abu Dhabi-led public-private partnership developed to respond to one of the greatest logistical challenges in history by delivering large quantities of COVID-19 vaccines locally and globally from its hub in Abu Dhabi. Expansion of the fleet extends Abu Dhabi Ports’ scope of services, as well as its range of supply-chain solutions for last-mile delivery certified by licence from the Department of Health –

UAE dispatches 4th shipment of COVID-19 vaccine doses to Syria

DAMASCUS, A fourth Emirati aid aircraft arrived in Damascus today loaded with significant quantities of the coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine. The aircraft was dispatched by the Emirates Red Crescent (ERC), in coordination with the Syrian Red Crescent Association, to assist the Syrian health sector in addressing the repercussions of the pandemic and support local preventive measures aimed at curbing the spread of the virus. The vaccine shipment also aims to protect frontline workers in Syria’s medical sector, along with critical patients and people with chronic diseases, in addition to people in displacement camps. The UAE has intensified its efforts to help friendly countries overcome the health crisis and recover from the pandemic. The aid is part of the UAE’s international response to the pandemic, highlighting the initiatives launched by the country upon the directives of its leadership to support the international efforts to counter the spread of coronavirus. It also underscores

FOCP raises 2021 budget by 17% to bring more cancer patients

SHARJAH, Friends of Cancer Patients (FOCP) has increased its 2021 annual budget by 17 percent to help and support cancer patients, as the entity envisions bringing more patients within its folds of care in 2021.This was among the key decisions taken du…