Change Movement: We Are Waiting For The KDP’s Response On Its Project To Form A Provisional Govt.

Sulaymaniyah, A leader in the Change Movement announced that the movement is waiting the response of the Democratic Party on its project to form a provisional government, stressing that the current government lost its will and became a tool.

Jalal Jowhar, a member of the Executive Committee of the Change Movement said in a press statement that the movement, based on its concern for the interests of the region and citizens, have submitted a project to form a transitional government to manage the current phase and it is waiting for the response of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, adding that all the ministers should resign from the current government, because the government has lost its true will and has become a tool for political and partisan purposes.

Jowhar explained that all options are open to the change movement in the event of non-approval to its project to form a government of national salvation, noting that the ruling authorities in the region are only interested in the interests of party and that this policy brought the current problems and crises that affect the Kurdistan region.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency