Christian Steinhauser and German Film Orchestra finish final phase of recording “The Clusters of Light”

SHARJAH: More than 70 artists representing the German Film Orchestra Babelsberg have completed recordings of the momentous operetta the “Clusters of light” in the German capital, in the presence of Sheikh Sultan Bin Ahmed Al Qasimi, Chairman of the Executive Committee for the Sharjah Capital of Islamic Culture 2014 Celebrations; Mohamed Khalef head of Sharjah radio ‘&’ TV, and Sharjah Media Centre Director, Osama Samra. Led by German composer Christian Steinhauser, the distinguished Berlin Orchestra maestro, the epic’s inaugural performance will take place on 26 March at the Emirate of Sharjah’s 4,500 seat Open Majaz Island Theatre.

Steinhauser is one of Europe’s most highly acclaimed musical talents. His unique fusion of the classical orchestral sound combined with high-end technology features makes him a luminary in Berlin’s art scene, as well as on the global stage. Among his most famous musical works are compositions that were played during the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

This monumental composition is about the life of Prophet Mohammad, Peace Be Upon Him, with international authors, musicians and artists participating in the production. The oratorio will come to a number of cities around the world following its Sharjah performance.

Sheikh Sultan Bin Ahmed Al Qasimi said : “We selected a group of musicians that would do justice to this momentous and unique oratorio, reflecting the depth of its message and exceptional production values. The extraordinary talent, global renown and past performances of the Orchestra speak for themselves. As such, we are confident our message will be conveyed with passion as well as exceptional technical skill.” Steinhauser is one of the most renowned contributors to “The Clusters of Light”, joining international artists including Julie Brooks, the global producer, and Kevin Robins, the global director. Among the participants in this landmark work are creative minds from all across the Middle East, including the Emirati artist Hussein Al Jasmi, the Tunisian singer Lutfi Bushnaq, the young Palestinian artist Mohammed Assaf, and Egyptian artist Ali Hajjar.

“When I was asked to contribute to this epical work about the story of the Prophet Muhammad, I was inspired by the story, history and religion to create spiritual and compassionate music that harmonizes with the narrative. Music is known as a global language of expression that surpasses the limitations of other languages,” Steinhauser said. He pointed out that music is part of human consciousness; a language not only spoken but also tuned. “My contribution to this epical work came from my understanding of music and its role that transcends borders and cultures”.