Civil Defense Directorate announces the extinguishing of a fire in a spare tools building in the Tobji area

The Civil Defense Directorate announced today, Friday, that a fire was extinguished in a building for spare tools in the Tobji area in Baghdad.

The Directorate said in a statement: “Civil defense teams extinguished a fire that broke out inside a three-story building used as a warehouse for trading in spare parts for cars in the Tobji area in central Baghdad at dawn on Friday.”

He added, “The civil defense teams mobilized and pushed their specialized and support vehicles while moving the ladder vehicle designated for high-rise buildings to gain full control over the incident after they were able to cordon off the fire, enter the middle of the burning building, and end the fire without recording human casualties,” indicating that “an investigation was opened and an expert was summoned to determine the causes of the fire in that building.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency