Communications: Digital transformation is a key pillar in the country’s growth

The achievement of the national transition according to the vision of 2030 requires the government to have the ability to immediately see the information in all institutions and at all levels, the Administrative and Financial Undersecretary of the Ministry of Communications Karim Mazael Shabi Confirmed.

“The Euros 6.16 billion bilateral trade volume between the EU and Iraq and digital innovation is one of the most important areas,” Shabi said at the launching ceremony of the SAP office in Iraq. “The Iraqi sectors in SAP NOW offer better Practices in digitizing government / oil and gas and banks, as well as training and empowering young people with the “Digital Skills Today” initiative.

The Ministry of Communications’ administrative and financial Undersecretary pointed out that achieving the goals of the digital transformation contained in the National Vision 2030 requires a government with “the ability to immediately see data and information in every Ministry and at any level of government.” He stressed that the public-private partnerships can be established, such as the government partnership with SAB, can provide government digital services that can make the government more predictable and responsive to citizens’ needs, enabling them to reach higher levels of diversified economic growth and create employment opportunities for young people. “

Source: National Iraqi News Agency