Community initiatives owners, associations heads in Aqaba laud royal honor

Aqaba: His Majesty King Abdullah II’s honoring of community initiative leaders in Aqaba serves as an incentive for them to continue working diligently and creatively to serve the governorate’s residents. It also sends a strong message to society about the importance of volunteering and its role in achieving comprehensive and sustainable development in the Kingdom.

Community initiatives in Aqaba Governorate are considered one of the most important tools for achieving sustainable development due to their effective role in promoting solidarity and social cohesion among the governorate’s residents and motivating them to participate in building a better future for themselves and their future generations.

The royal honor reflects His Majesty’s interest in this group of Jordanians and his appreciation for their contributions to serving their communities.

This royal keenness also reflects His Majesty’s belief in the capabilities of Jordanians with initiatives and entrepreneurs to contribute to the modernization an
d development process that he leads and his continuous motivation for Jordanians to take the initiative and engage in public life in all its details, so that development and progress become a matter for the citizen as well as for the government and its various institutions.

Those honored by His Majesty said that this royal gesture had the greatest impact on them, which motivates them to give more, improve their initiatives, and increase production in companies, institutions, and associations that focus their goals on improving the level of family income, providing job opportunities, and contributing to the employment of job seekers.

The President of the Royal Jordanian Marine Sports Federation, Mohammad Al Mughrabi, said that His Majesty’s honor of the federation is a strong incentive for greater giving from its members.

He added that His Majesty has always been a supporter of such marine sports, which have contributed to attracting athletes from different countries of the world to Aqaba to hold various ch
ampionships with the participation of Jordanian athletes who have achieved records and gold and silver medals in various marine sports competitions at the local and international levels.

For his part, the Chairman of the Wadi Araba Multi-Purpose Agricultural Cooperative Society, Hammoud Al-Saeedien, expressed appreciation for the royal honor that the society received from His Majesty, as it constitutes a royal certificate for the society and its role in providing service to its members and helping them improve their family income level.

He explained that the society, within its annual plans, has contributed to providing assistance and soft loans to farmers who were able to establish their farms, produce all kinds of vegetables and fruits, and market them locally and internationally.

Head of the Jordanian Camel Races Committee, Ali Al-Masamreh, confirmed that the royal honor of the committee indicates His Majesty’s interest in the authentic Jordanian heritage and camel racing.

He pointed out that the commi
ttee has organized several camel racing festivals locally and participated in a number of festivals held in sister countries.

Jordanian camel racing had a large share in winning and obtaining medals.

He expressed appreciation for His Majesty’s leading sporting role in encouraging all local Jordanian sports.

Source: Jordan News Agency