Confidence in Emirati economy will increase in 2019: UAE International Investors Council

ABU DHABI, Jamal Saif Al Jarwan, Secretary-General of the UAE International Investors Council, has said that the UAE’s institutional efforts in the area of investment, and the efforts of the council’s member companies in exploring regional and international markets in 2018, will generate optimism in the investment sector for the coming year.

It will also increase the confidence in the capacity of the Emirati economy to achieve professionalism and competitiveness, he added.

Al Jarwan expressed his confidence in the capacity of the economy to face volatility and turbulence in regional and international markets while noting that investment opportunities in 2019 and the council’s economic agenda will enable it and its member companies to take advantage of such opportunities and overcome their challenges, based on the foundations of knowledge, innovation and human resources development.

Al Jarwan explained the developments to the national economy during the past 11 months in terms of enlarging the scope of its strategic partnerships with international markets and promising economies, as well as future potential partnerships in 2019.

The council was founded over 10 years ago to link Emirati investors abroad to the government, to promote competitiveness and overcome their challenges. Many private and public sector companies operate under the council’s umbrella, including major companies that have achieved, in 2018, international breakthroughs in the oil, energy, food security and logistical services sectors.

Al Jarwan noted that the initial statistics on the country’s 2018 performance in foreign investments have considered relevant strategic developments, such as its strategic partnerships with India and China.

He also highlighted the council’s participation, in 2018, in the “Future of Investment Initiative” that was held in Riyadh, and the launch of the “Saudi-Emirati Coordination Council,” which involve 175 major projects in the areas of food security and infrastructure, and is a central link of the “Silk Road Project.”

Source: Emirates News Agency