Daesh To Intensify Using Drones To Target Civilians And Security Forces In Mosul

Mosul / Daesh organization intensified bombing civilians and security forces by drones since the morning across the city of Mosul, while security forces shot down two of them in the northern axis of Mosul, according to a security source.

The source told the National Iraqi News Agency / “Security forces shot down two drones to Daesh during targeting the civilians in the city of Mosul.”

He added, “Daesh stepped up the use of its drones to target civilians and security forces for his inability to confront the security forces on the left side.”

The source noted that “the organization bombed dozens of civilians in the Arab neighborhood, Shaimaa and Intisar areas, which resulted in the deaths of three civilians and wounding 26 others, the north and east sectors,” noting that “the security forces managed to shoot down two drones in the (forests) area and Arab neighborhood, north of Mosul,” .

Source: National Iraqi News Agency