DCT – Abu Dhabi organises workshop on intangible cultural heritage UAE

ABU DHABI, A workshop focussing on the inventory of intangible cultural heritage, ICH, was organised by the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi, DCT Abu Dhabi.

Participants at the workshop learnt about designing and compiling an inventory for intangible heritage. Those taking part included departmental managers, community-based organisations, members of the community, researchers, public institutions and non-governmental organisations.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation, UNESCO, helped to identify the themes for the programme and sent facilitators Annie Tohme-Tabet and Ahmed Skounti to conduct the workshop, using educational materials developed by the Intangible Cultural Heritage Section on the ICH inventory, which is constantly updated with feedback and support from a network of local experts and facilitators.

The initiative illustrated how ICH is an integral part of communities in the UAE, who are both its bearers and practitioners. In hosting the workshops, Abu Dhabi demonstrated how its communities have been involved in collecting ICH for the inventory process.

“This workshop was an invaluable tool that allowed traditional custodians to have a say in how to present, access and extract information about their intangible cultural heritage. Participatory ICH inventory is an approach that places the community at the heart of the inventory process,” said Jaber Saleh Al Merri, Historic Environment Director, DCT Abu Dhabi.

The modules for the first five days of the workshops included: Participatory Inventory Work under the Intangible Cultural Heritage Convention; Framework for Participatory ICH Inventory Work, Ethics and Responsibilities; Methods and Techniques of Inventorying; Implementing a Participatory Inventory Project: A First Experience, and Review of the Workshops and Future Prospects.

Source: Emirates News Agency