Decision Coalition bloc to NINA: The Parliament suffers great weakness and we will collect signatures to resolve it

BAGHDAD The political blocs informed their representatives of the existence of a parliamentary movement to collect signatures, in preparation for the dissolution of the House of Representatives in the next legislative term.

MP for the Decision Coalition bloc Talal al-Zobaie said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA), that “the current legislative session is the weakest compared to previous sessions, and did not witness the actual achievement of the House of Representatives, because of the weak management of the presidency of the parliament and the indication that it does not have legal and administrative background “Administration of Parliament.

He added that “the Parliament suffers a great weakness because of the incomplete formation of permanent committees so far and the end of the legislative year without naming the presidencies of the parliamentary committees, making the parliament unable to exercise its oversight and legislative work optimally,” noting that “there are observations on the nomination of some of the presidencies of committees and there are Legal violations in the nomination of the presidencies of other committees, recording negative indicators against the parliament. ”

He explained that “the continuation of the management of parliament with these shortcomings and the weakness of the Presidency, makes us get to collect signatures to dissolve the House of Representatives in the next legislative term.”

The Speaker of the House of Representatives Mohammed Al-Halbousi, officially announced, last week, the end of the second legislative term, while the third legislative term of the second legislative year of the House of Representatives will begin on the third of next September.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency