Deputy for Basra: No authority for any party to waive the budget revenues or exempt a state from customs duties

BAGHDAD MP for the province of Basra called Safa Bandar, to the intervention of the presidency of the Republic and ministers to protect the national product and stop confusion in the exemption of imported goods, in light of the difficult economic situation suffered by Iraq.

“The Iraqi government’s agreement with its Jordanian counterpart to exempt the customs duties on its exports to Iraq is a big mistake in the light of the decline in oil prices, and attempts by Iraq to compensate and search for other revenues to fill much of the deficit in the Iraqi budget,” Bandar said.

It considered that “contract employees and beneficiaries of the social welfare network were entitled to the imports of these taxes, as well as the implementation of the decisions of the suspended committees such as Article 140 of the Constitution and Resolutions (5) and (16).

She added that “the federal budget included that the revenues achieved does not have the powers of any waiver or exemption of a state of customs duties,” noting: “Exemption of Jordan means exempting the world, because everyone will work products within Jordan and bring a product from China and write on it” Jordan “and send him to Iraq, and as a result will be the exemption to the world and the recovery of the Jordanian economy.

“It was better to present the resolution to the parliament so that the representatives of the people could have the final say,” she said

Source: National Iraqi News Agency