Diyala police revealed the foiling of the recruitment of /17 / citizens, including four teenagers by Daesh

BAGHDAD, Diyala Police Chief Major General Faisal Kadhem al-Abadi said on Wednesday that the recruitment of 17 citizens, including four teenagers, by Daesh had been thwarted during the current year 2018.

“Diyala police succeeded in achieving important breakthroughs for criminal gangs in 2018,” Al-Abadi said, referring to the rescue of 17 citizens, including four teenagers, whom the organization tried to recruit.

The Diyala Police Chief pointed out that the most important blow to Daesh is the loss of many sources of its survival, including family support for his leaders and criminal elements, as well as the termination of psychological impact, stressing that the provincial police have specific operations against terrorist groups will be revealed in the near future.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency