DJI’s e-Library adds new services for People of Determination

DUBAI, Dubai Judicial Institute, DJI, has announced the addition of new services to its e-library that benefit the visually impaired and the entire community, especially the legal community, including members of the judiciary, lawyers, students, and legal researchers, as part of its efforts to support the Dubai Strategy for the People of Determination 2020.

The new service will add some tools to help browse the e-library’s catalogue, such as increasing the font size, audio-reading of index contents, and changing colour differentiation, among others, to support the People of Determination, enhance their reading culture and enable them to obtain knowledge in different fields.

Justice Dr. Jamal Al Sumaiti, Director-General of DJI, commented, “We consider People of Determination an integral part of society, and we are keen on aligning with the directives of our wise leadership who pay close attention to them. Everyone’s concerted efforts, including those of institutions, aim to improve the situation of People of Determination, so they can contribute to the UAE’s overall development. The new services offered by the e-library are part of ongoing initiatives through which we seek to provide the necessary care and support, develop their capabilities and help them engage in businesses that suit their abilities and ensure a decent life for them.”

Dr. Nora Obaid Al Rumaithi, Knowledge and Publishing Management Director at DJI, said, “DJI is proud to support national efforts to achieve the objectives of the ‘My Community…a City for Everyone’ initiative to transform Dubai into a city that is friendly for People of Determination by 2020. The new services offered by the e-library will be a source of encouragement for young citizens with visual impairment, inspiring them to engage in legal and judicial studies, increasing their knowledge, supporting their specialities, and developing their professional competencies. This contributes to empowering them and maximising their participation and integration in society.”

The library ensures communication with relevant databases and information through the international information exchange network, providing ongoing briefing services that aim to inform beneficiaries of new additions to the library, including collections and programmes of interest to both the researcher and the student, via SMS in addition to providing researchers and specialists in the UAE and abroad the best technical practices to easily access DJI’s various information vessels.

Source: Emirates News Agency