DLD adds new services to ‘Ejari’ smart app

DUBAI, As part of its efforts to provide modern services and ensure customer satisfaction, the Dubai Land Department, DLD, recently announced a new development through the completion of ‘The Development Initiative’ for the lease self-registration service by adding new services to the Ejari smart application.

Sultan Butti bin Mejren, Director-General of DLD, said, “This step is important in the digital transformation pursued by DLD to fully align itself with the Smart Dubai vision and the Dubai Paperless Strategy, reducing customer visits by 80 percent.”

“Adding new services to the Ejari smart application will help save customers’ time and efforts, and significantly reduce services fee. This will positively reflect on their happiness and will account for 30 percent of customers’ daily transactions reaching an average of 600 daily lease contracts,” he added.

Hamdan Al Madhani, Director of Rental Relations Regulatory Department at DLD, said, “The new services in the Smart Ejari smart application enables landlords to register and renew lease contracts and digitally send contracts to tenants for approval and vice versa without the need to review a real estate service trustee concerned with the registration of Ejari contracts.”

The initiative targets all real estate tenants, allowing them to directly register and renew leases with the property owners whose Ejari system has expired, or if the owned property is not managed by a licensed real estate company. This service can be done without the need to visit the service centres approved by DLD.

Source: Emirates News Agency