DM and RTA share best practices

DUBAI: The Partnership Department at Dubai Municipality has received a delegation from the Roads and Transport Authority to strengthen the bonds of cooperation and strategic partnership between the government institutions in the emirate. The visit aimed at sharing the policy of municipality in the management of international relations. The delegation included Roudha Mahrazi, Director of International Communication and Relations, Naima Abdel Wahed, Senior Specialist and Rahma Shehhi.

Ismail Banna, Director of Partnership Department, welcomed the visiting delegation, briefing them on the department functions, explaining the policies of management of international relations and the promotion of mutual relations with other cities, in addition to organising official visits to and from the different government organisations to share best practices.

They also discussed the methodology of improving municipal work, and the efforts of the department in organising the Dubai International Award for Best Practices in collaboration with the United Nations Habitat programme.

The delegation praised the efforts of the Partnership Department and wished them continued success in the service of the nation, stressing the need for communication between the two authorities to improve the quality of services.