DoH focuses on game-changing solutions to enhance patient experience during COVID-19 pandemic

ABU DHABI, The Department of Health – Abu Dhabi (DoH) is participating in the 3rd Annual International Patient Experience Symposium 2021, organised by BII World in partnership with Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi.

The event will take place virtually from today to 24th February, 2021, and will provide a platform to discuss the benefits of the COVID-19 pandemic to drive a safer, more efficient and patient-centric experience.

The virtual symposium will bring together some of the leading healthcare icons alongside patients to share real-life stories and their perspectives on the COVID-19 pandemic, to identify patient experience improvement opportunities and further enhance the quality of medical services provided in line with the best healthcare practices and international standards.

DoH experts will cover a variety of topics including the importance of re-humanising healthcare in the digital age, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on healthcare regulators and the role of communication, transparency and raising awareness among patients in ensuring overall patient satisfaction.

DoH will also review the results of the patient satisfaction survey on various healthcare services, including the remote healthcare platform and the overall telemedicine services provided by Abu Dhabi’s healthcare sector.

Dr. Asmaa Al Mannai, Director of Healthcare Quality Department at DoH, said, “The healthcare sector has witnessed a massive transformation over the past few decades. It is no secret that the COVID-19 outbreak has brought unexpected challenges to the healthcare industry which led to accelerating the transformation of major procedures and experiences. Now more than ever, we need to focus on fully understanding the patient to sustain their trust in the Emirate’s healthcare sector and take their experience to new heights using the latest innovative technologies, human connections and transparency.”

“Abu Dhabi has distinguished itself as a leader in curbing the spread of the virus through its unwavering efforts to provide exceptional healthcare services, placing the patient at the core of the healthcare system. A great testament to that is ‘Muashir’, through which we are keen to maintain the highest quality standards across all healthcare facilities.” Al Mannai added.

The 3rd Annual International Patient Experience Symposium will take a deeper dive into the latest approaches to deliver the ideal patient experience, and will underscore the importance of communicating with patients and instilling a culture of transparency to achieve patient satisfaction.


Source: Emirates News Agency

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