DQG, ASQ to organise major events to mark World Quality Month

Dubai: The Dubai Quality Group (DQG), in association with the American Society of Quality (ASQ), is preparing to organise two major events on the occasion of World Quality Month.

The first two-day event “Quality and Business Excellence Conference 2012” will be held on November 26 and 27, while the second event “4th Continual Improvement ‘&’ Innovation Symposium” is scheduled for November 28, 2012.

DQG’s plan of organising these important events is meant to launch an extensive move with multifaceted objectives, programmes and activities, under “World Quality Month Campaign”.

These events will further strengthen DQG’s position as a specialised group that supports, sponsors and motivates quality, excellence and innovation, locally, regionally and globally.

The DQG’s Continual Improvement Subgroup (CIS) – organiser of the 4th Continual Improvement ‘&’ Innovation Symposium, hosted a pre-event workshop on 6 November, in order to expand the circle of participation, attendance and benefit of the upcoming symposium.

On the other hand, the Quality ‘&’ Business Excellence Conference 2012 will highlight a range of ideas, suggestions and mechanisms, supporting the approach of excellence and innovation, through best practices, presentations and panel discussions, in addition to roundtable networking and benchmarking.

The Quality ‘&’ Business Excellence Conference will take up many topics, including the Tourism Sector; the Excellence and Sustainability Drive in a Food Production Establishment – Supply Chain Logistics Sector; the Next Change Management Strategy – Avoiding the “Flavour of the Month” Syndrome; the Business Excellence in the Health Sector; the Education Sector; the Oil and Gas Sector; Lean in the Services Industry; Producing Transformative Results and Excellence; Delivering Outstanding e-Services in the Government Sector; among many other remarkable and significant topics.

With the support of the Department of Economic Development in Dubai, the CIS organises annually its unique Continual Improvement ‘&’ Innovation Symposium to celebrate the World Quality Month which is celebrated in November, each year. This year’s edition will be held under the theme “Continual Improvement Small Improvements to Innovation.” The symposium aims at facilitating sharing, recognising and learning from best practices and actual case studies in continual improvement by organisations from various sectors.

It will provide a unique opportunity to teams and organisations from all over the world to participate in the ‘Live Competition.’ Saleh Janeeh, Chairman of DQG explained that the idea of organising such events at this particular time comes first to activate the features of DQG’s celebration of the World Quality Month. This, on the other hand, emphasises the keenness of DQG and its constancy that is based on the upholding of excellence and innovation in various fields and events.

Dr. Hassan Omar, Chair of CIS, said, “There is a number of reasons and factors that push those who are interested to attend the 4th Continual Improvement ‘&’ Innovation Symposium. Firstly, it is a vital occasion to learn about latest developments in improvement and innovation philosophies and methodologies from the eminent guest speakers from around the world having experience and knowledge across various industries. Secondly, it is also an ideal event to witness the real-life best case studies of improvement and innovation in organisations in the UAE and abroad, and to galvanise employees into action and jumpstart a culture of improvement in their organisations.

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