Dubai Chamber provides integrated smart services to ensure business continuity

DUBAI, The Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry highlighted the readiness of its array of seamless smart services, which is available to the business community to conduct their work easily and efficiently.

With 97 percent of its core services having undergone a smart transformation, the chamber has adopted a system of smart and electronic services that cover all the needs and requirements of the business community, enabling investors to complete all their transactions remotely and in accordance with the highest international standards.

The chamber provides its integrated services through various channels to enrich the customer experience, including smart applications and the website, in addition to smart kiosks spread across Dubai.

President and CEO of Dubai Chamber, Hamad Buamim, invited Dubai’s business community to save time and effort by utilising the range of integrated smart services available through Dubai Chamber’s various digital and smart platforms.

“Electronic services save effort and time and enable people to work away from the office environment – something that is becoming an important consideration in the current climate. Since 2016, we have focused on the smart transformation of our services, successfully establishing the concept of the ‘Smart Chamber’ that we developed to fit our business environment and to fall in line with the leadership’s Smart Government strategic plan for Dubai,” said Buamim.

Since it began its smart transformation programme, the chamber has conducted approximately one million smart services transactions.

The smart services provided by Dubai Chamber include the issuance, renewal and amendment of membership, the issuance, amendment and replacement of an ATA Carnet, and the issuance amendment and requesting of a Certificate of Origin.

The chamber’s smart legal information service provides legal representation and information, while its smart attestation service enables the ratification of signatures, copies and stamps. Business groups and councils can avail of authorisations and renewal permits, while individuals and organisations seeking business research and intelligence services can find studies and access reports.

Currently, Dubai Chamber is working to convert its Customer Happiness Centres into smart centres through its kiosks that provide smart services located throughout Dubai.

Source: Emirates News Agency