Dubai Chamber to organise ‘Partnership to Invest in Future Syria’

Dubai: Under the patronage of the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry will organise a conference titled “Partnership to Invest in Future Syria” on November 21 in Dubai.

The one-day conference is expected to attract over 500 regional and international businesspeople, entrepreneurs, policymakers and sectoral experts.

The conference marks the second meeting of the Working Group on Economic Recovery and Development, which is co-chaired by the UAE and Germany. One of the four key work streams identified by the Working Group to achieve the vision of a dynamic, free-market Syrian economy is “Private-Sector Engagement,” a stream that is chaired by the UAE.

The conference will feature participation by leading Syrian and Emirati business leaders and entrepreneurs. A range of international experts on economic and social development will also take part in “Partnership to Invest in Future Syria.” These experts will provide in-depth presentations – and take part in sustained discussions – on the Syrian economy and strategies for supporting the country’s future development and growth.

Hamad Buamim, Director General, Dubai Chamber, said that the city’s strategic position as a regional business hub makes it an ideal platform to energise private-sector engagement and promote Syria’s economic capacity building. He added that the discussions will help identify potential partnership opportunities across all sectors of the Syrian economy, including agriculture, manufacturing, energy, construction, services, public administration, healthcare and telecommunications, among others.

The conference will feature four panel discussions, covering economic capacity building, the role of the private sector, core sector analysis, and the socioeconomic implications of infrastructure investment.

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