Dubai Customs, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China discuss COVID-19 updates

DUBAI, Dubai Customs and the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China have convened a video conference organised by the Chinese Consulate to discuss and exchange knowledge about the coronavirus outbreak.

Li Xuhang, Chinese Consul General to Dubai, welcomed the participants confirming that coronavirus doesn’t recognize geographical borders.

“It has spread now in 200 countries affecting millions of people around the world, making it an enemy to everyone.”

Li Xuhang thanked the UAE in general and Dubai in particular for the strict precautionary measures they take to fight COVID-19 and treat the patients.

“On behalf of the 300,000 Chinese citizens living and working here in the UAE and Dubai I am happy to thank the UAE government for their support to our people, and for encouraging them to volunteer in services to curb the outbreak. 200 Chinese individuals volunteered in these services to fight the outbreak of the virus.”

The meeting was attended by Ibrahim Kamali, Director of Passenger Operations Department, Falah Khalil Al Sammak, senior manager of DXB International Airport, Terminal 2, Sara Al Suwaidi, Manager of External Relations Section, Ali Al Tamimi, head of customs valuation database section, Saeed Mustafawi, head of new data section and Salim Al Bloushi from the Authorized Economic Operator in Dubai customs.

Ibrahim Kamali said: “We thank the Chinese Consulate in Dubai and the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China for their invitation to attend this important meeting. It is an opportunity to learn about the Chinese experience in beating the coronavirus and curb the pandemic. Our frontline inspection officers are strictly committed to the highest precautionary measures and are equipped with the gear and equipment needed to protect them from the virus. These include the mobile safe passage that Dubai Customs innovated for the safety and security of the inspection officers.”

Dr. Shun Shuan, director of Clinical Reseach center in China delivered a presentation on China’s experience in defeating coronavirus. She talked about how the outbreak started from Wuhan and how they handled it.

“We reviewed our treatments 7 times, and thanks to the advanced healthcare infrastructure we were in a good position to beat the pandemic. There are 30 countries that helped China in the crisis. In turn, China helped other countries to overcome the pandemic and shared their experience and findings with the World Health Organisation.”

Source: Emirates News Agency

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