Dubai Customs supports exhibition industry with advanced services

DUBAI: Dubai Customs has enhanced its array of advanced services designed to promote the sector of trade shows in Dubai by building the capacity of exhibiting traders to get the highest possible business returns. The most prominent of these services is the temporary entry of goods intended for display or use at events, fairs and exhibitions.

The temporary admission system allows beneficiaries, such as exhibitors at trade shows, to import their goods duty-free and tax-free for a limited period of up to one year, until the completion of the purpose for which the goods have been entered, and upon the payment of an appropriate guarantee in the country of origin, as per the provisions of the Istanbul Convention on Temporary Admission.

The ATA Carnet permits provisional importation of goods, commercial samples and professional equipment and tools designed for show in all kinds of exhibitions and trade shows taking place in Dubai.

Dubai Customs is keen to promote the wide benefits of the temporary admission of goods among international merchants, encouraging them to participate heavily in the exhibitions that are hosted by Dubai throughout the year. It is fully aware of the significant role of this industry in supporting the local economy both in terms of increasing the flow of inbound business travel and tourism, as well as boosting trade between exhibitors and local traders and investors.

The total investment value of the exhibition industry in the U.A.E. is worth around USD10 billion, according to estimates by the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry. This highly performing sector is the engine driving the country’s trade and economy as a whole. Ahead of Expo 2020, Dubai is gaining greater kudos as a leader in the global exhibition industry after excelling at the organisation of major international events, notably Dubai Airshow, GITEX and CityScape.

Besides the temporary entry service, Dubai Customs serves trade shows with other facilities, most notably providing detailed statistics on Dubai’s foreign trade over the past years. This gives exhibitors a chance to find out about the size of commercial markets available for their goods, which helps them calculate the growth of demand for their products and estimate the potential revenue they can get from exporting these products to local markets and subsequently re-exporting them to global markets via Dubai.