Dubai Health Authority to host visiting doctors in January 2018

DUBAI, The Dubai Health Authority, DHA, has announced that it is hosting visiting doctors from Canada, Belgium, Lebanon, Italy, Sweden, Japan and Germany in January 2018, as part of its monthly programme aims to provide consultation to patients in highly specialised medical fields.

In a statement, DHA said that Dubai Hospital will receive Bariatric Surgeon Dr. Bruno Dillemans from Belgium from January 13th to 17th and Cardiovascular Consultant Dr. Yamane Masahisa from Japan from January 14th to 16th.

For Rashid Hospital, Consultant in Orthognathic Surgery Dr. Juergen Ervens from Germany will be available from January 28th to February 1st, Consultant Neurologist (Multiple Sclerosis) Dr. Bassem Yamout from Lebanon from January 7th to 11th and Consultant in Neurosurgery Dr. Kliment Gatzinski from Sweden from January 5th to 11th.

For Latifa Hospital, Consultant in Urogynecology, Dr. Alessandro Dafiero from Italy will be present from January 14th to 18th and Pediatric Physical Therapist Dr. Kimberly Ann Barthel from Canada from January 21st to 24th.

Source: Emirates News Agency