Dubai Municipality celebrates World Heritage Day

DUBAI, The Architectural Heritage Department of Dubai Municipality has joined the World Heritage Day celebrations of UNESCO, observed on 18th of April every year. The municipality, which has extended its activities until 20th April, has organised various heritage events at the Mercato Mall as part of its annual programme to promote heritage awareness.

The events, held under the slogan, “Heritage for Generations,” include a series of exhibitions such as a photo exhibition of the UAE Sheikhs by Al Nahda Women’s Association, an exhibition of the photographs of the Architectural Heritage Society, an exhibition of Arabic calligraphy and stamp collections, and a gallery of heritage collections in cooperation with Zam’a Bint Souda School.

The activities also include a series of workshops for children.

The municipality seeks to build a generation that cherishes its patriotism and Arabism and is guided by the popular values transferred by Emirati people from generation to generation.

Source: Emirates News Agency