Dubai Municipality to stop non-approved companies from issuing lifeguard certificates

DUBAI, Dubai Municipality has begun banning companies from issuing any certificates for lifeguards for pools and beaches or engaging in any accreditation activity, except for those who obtained permits from the Emirates International Accreditation Centre, Redha Salman, Director of Health and Safety Department of the Municipality, said in an announcement today.

He was addressing a meeting organised by the department with companies operating in the field of training and qualifying lifeguards for swimming pools in the Emirate of Dubai. The meeting was organised as part of efforts to accomplish the highest standards of public health and safety in the community and to achieve the strategic goals of the Emirate of Dubai in this regard.

He said the Local Order issued in the public interest and which took effect at the beginning of January, has defined the fines which can be levied against anyone who violates its provisions, whether a company or individual, who wants to employ or work as lifeguards at swimming pools.

Sultan Al Suwaidi, Head of Public Safety Section in the department, explained that it is important to protect the safety of swimming pool users and beach goers by providing qualified lifeguards from companies accredited with Dubai Municipality as per Local Order No. 11 of 2003 and its executive regulations concerning public health and safety of the community, and Order No. 02 of 2010 and its executive regulations on the organisation of the work of accreditation bodies in the Emirate of Dubai.

Al Suwaidi said that Dubai Municipality is keen to achieve the highest standards of public health and safety. “We have asked all hotel establishments, educational institutions and buildings that have swimming pools, to provide hygiene and safety requirements in public pools, including the appointment of a qualified lifeguard, to be present on a permanent basis and the need for the lifeguard to possess certification from a training and qualification company accredited with the Emirates International Accreditation Centre as of the first of July, 2017,” he said.

Al Suwaidi said Dubai Municipality was one of the pioneers in approving the bodies that test elevators, escalators and fun games, and also approving the bodies that award certificates for lifeguards of swimming pools, since the issuance of Order No. 02 of 2010 and its executive regulations on the organisation of the work of accreditation bodies in the emirate.

Source: Emirates News Agency