DUPHAT commences on its second day at Dubai World Trade Centre

DUBAI, The 26th edition of the Dubai International Pharmaceuticals & Technologies Conference & Exhibition ‘DUPHAT’, the biggest pharmaceutical event in the Middle East North Africa region, commenced on the 2nd day at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

This specialised event runs until the 7th of April, 2021 and has attracted a large number of global pharmaceutical specialists from the UAE and across the globe including doctors, specialists, pharmacists and industry professionals as well as students from various universities and colleges, who actively showcased their latest projects and scientific research in the field of pharmacy.

Furthermore, the importance of DUPHAT Conference and Exhibition lies not only in the unique platform it provides for professionals and specialists to network and communicate, but also in the significance of the field it’s specialised in.

On the 2nd day, DUPHAT conference featured a number of key discussions on a range of topics related to pharmacy such as ‘The longevity impact and cost-effectiveness of new drugs’, ‘How to use Health Technology Assessment (HTA) for decision making?’, ‘Is Healthcare ready to adopt AI? Challenges and opportunities.’, ‘Empowering Regulatory Change Agents in a Post Pandemic World’ and ‘COVID-19 pandemics translated into tangible health economics’.

In addition, the second day of DUPHAT witnessed the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the International Pharmaceutical Students Federation (IPSF) and Axios, where the two entities will join hands to promote improved public health and shed the light on access to medicine challenges.

Furthermore, DUPHAT-Tech on the sidelines of the exhibition, focused on showcasing key pharmaceutical technologies that are the revolutionising the field of pharmacy and updating the industry with the latest breakthroughs in scientific research and technology.

In addition, There is a strong preference in the region to reduce imports and increase domestic production both generics & branded drugs, thus making it a lucrative market for pharmaceutical companies.


Source: Emirates News Agency

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