EF Englishtown Students Can Now Carry Their Entire School on Their iPads

LONDON, Dec. 18, 2012 /PRNewswire  — EF Englishtown has just unveiled a major development in online learning with the release of their latest iPad app.

For the first time, the app allows English language students to carry their school with them wherever they travel. Every hour of every day, students can turn their iPads into a live classroom by joining a Group Lesson with same-level students from across the world. Led by a native English speaking or skilled bilingual teacher, these 45-minute lessons combine the best of digital innovation with engaging social study.

Whilst traditional textbooks for English courses may be portable, they lack this ability to provide one-to-one support, or group learning with fellow students. Plus, they offer little variation in tools and resources. Not so with EF Englishtown’s iPad online English courses. In any session, a student can change learning level, select a preferred core skill to focus on, or even target the vocabulary and phrases of a particular industry they’d like to master. Having total control of the learning experience is what really makes this modern learning solution the right solution for modern lives.

As a school co-created by a frustrated student, EF Englishtown has always strived to remove wearisome barriers to learning. Now, their latest innovation solves the global problem of unreliable internet access. When students learn English on the iPads they can pre-load their study units, enabling them to study uninterrupted even when they’re not online.

“We built our school around flexibility and student choice, and now the launch of our upgraded iPad app takes that offering to a whole new level. Our technical team has designed this version of our school to make learning as simple and rewarding as it can be. We look forward to seeing the progress our students make now that they can carry our entire school with them wherever they go,” says Andrew Wait, President of EF Englishtown.

About EF Englishtown

EF Englishtown is the world’s number one online English school, used by millions of students and over 1200 leading multinational companies. It is a division of EF Education First, the largest privately owned education company in the world, and the Official Supplier of Language Training to the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games. The mission of EF Englishtown is to use technology to create a fundamentally better way of learning English.


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