Emirates Group marks UAE Flag Day, celebrating the symbol of the country’s unity

Dubai, UAE, Proud employees of the Emirates Group gathered today at its headquarters in a ceremonial moment to raise the UAE Flag high.

His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman and Chief Executive Emirates Airline and Group, raised the UAE Flag while senior executives and employees proudly participated in the annual observance that celebrates the nation’s unity, and the vision of the UAE’s leaders to drive economic and social progress for the benefit of its citizens and residents.

Sheikh Ahmed said: “Today we celebrate the UAE’s flag and all that it symbolises – unity, courage, strength, peace, happiness and hope. It’s also an opportunity for us to acknowledge the sacrifices and achievements of our founding fathers. Like the UAE, the Emirates Group comprise of people from all over the world who work together to achieve common goals. We stand behind the vision of our leaders, and will continue to do our part to contribute to the betterment of communities and economies.”

Jumeirah International Nursery students take part in the Emirates Group’s UAE Flag Day ceremony

This year, 20 Emirati children from the Jumeirah International Nursery joined in the Emirates Group’s flag hoisting ceremony. The girls dressed in vibrant UAE flag-coloured thoubs and boys in their kandoras, adding to the national and community spirit, and representing the hopes and energy of the UAE’s future generation.

Source: Emirates Airline