Emirates Schools Establishment Board holds its first meeting

DUBAI, The Board of Directors of the Emirates Schools Establishment, under the chairwomanship of Jameela bint Salem Al Muhairi, Minister of State for Public Education, held its first meeting to discuss the objectives of the establishment and its working mechanisms, and how to support the efforts of the Establishment in enhancing the efficiency of the federal government education sector and improving its level in the country according to international best practices.

The first meeting for the Board of Directors comes after the announcement of the UAE Cabinet of the creation of the new independent board to oversee the delivery of quality education at public schools across the country last April.

The Emirates Schools Establishment will focus during the next phase on the development of strategies, plans, initiatives and standards related to the education sector in the country, and will propose legislation for the development of the learning environment and education programs in public schools, in order to reach to a system of integrated education that contributes to the advancement of education to keep pace with the qualitative and comprehensive development in the country, in line with UAE vision 2021, and UAE Centennial 2071, which aims at being number one in the education sector worldwide.

The Establishment was established as an independent entity to manage and operate public schools, with the aim of providing school education within the framework of the country’s objectives, and applying policies, strategies, standards and disciplines related to the education sector, including vocational, technical and continuing education.

Source: Emirates News Agency