Emirati student develops unique vehicle for the disabled

ABU DHABI: An Emirati architectural engineering student has developed a unique vehicle that would help disabled people to drive with the help of their feet on the vehicle’s steering wheel which uses an air pressure pump in place of the hydraulic mechanism that most cars use.

The foot-controlled vehicle built by Reem Al Marzouqui , a 23-year-old Emirati architectural engineering student, can enable people with arm and upper torso disabilities to drive a car with relative ease.

“My course required that I find out how everyday items had been modified to help people with special needs, but I misunderstood this and thought I had to make the modifications myself,” she told the Gulf News daily.

“When I took it to my professor, he said he could not give me a grade because I had not understood his instructions. But he said it was a beautiful mistake’ that I should try to make available for people who might need it,” Reem said.

“I have already developed a prototype, and would love it if anyone could show me how I can make this development marketable. It would really help people with disabilities in both arms, because most people that I have come across in such a condition do not even imagine that they can drive, and I want to make it possible for them,” she said.

“The steering faces more surface friction, but it makes it easier to control when using your feet. The prototype can reach speeds of up to 120 kilometres per hour,” the young inventor explained.


Ambulatory Healthcare Services to host 3rd Well Child Symposium

ABU DHABI: Ambulatory Healthcare Services, AHS, is set to host the third Well Child Symposium, seeking to upgrade the skills of healthcare providers across its network and bring them up to speed on advances in paediatric care. The symposium will be conducted on 15th March, for family physicians and general practitioners as well as paediatricians, general dentists and nurses from across 37 AHS healthcare centres in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.

The Well Child programme will empower AHS practitioners to offer culturally relevant preventive care for 0-6 year-olds in clinical assessment, immunisation, nutrition, preventive measures and screening.

The programme prioritises the need to ensure that newborns and children up to six years of age receive recommended screening, while parents and/or guardians gain the necessary counselling to fulfil their role. The interactive sessions examine several critical topics that include assessment of child history, physical growth and development, parent-child interaction and evaluation of social and emotional behaviour.

Dr. Omar Al Jaberi – Chief Medical Officer, AHS, said, “At AHS, we are committed to ensuring that our staff is qualified and meets the Health Authority – Abu Dhabi policies and international standards’ guidelines. Towards this end, we believe it is highly important for our employees to regularly participate in initiatives that strengthen their performance and keep them informed on the latest developments in the healthcare sector. Moving forward, we are gearing up to conduct competencies for child health care providers.” In addition to reinforcing the importance of crucial child care practices such as vaccinations and breast feeding, the workshops of the Well Child programme offer practical training on measuring growth velocity based on World Health Organisation information. The session also offers crucial tips in child learning and development.