Employment of OVC and struggle kids unfair towards other unemplo

WINDHOEK: The Constituency Development Committee (CDC) of the Khomasdal North Constituency is worried about the way in which Government is addressing unemployment and job creation of young people in the country.

Vice-Chairperson of the National Council and councillor of the Khomasdal North Constituency, Margareth Mensah-Williams, made the statement during the National Council session in the capital on Thursday.

“We got a letter yesterday that the Public Service Commission (PSC) has approved that in Khomas we may now, in our regional council, employ two people for clerical positions and one as a driver,” she said, adding that the directive stated that the appointments should be done from the category of orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) or from the group of “struggle kids”.

According to Mensah-Williams, this is discriminatory, and on behalf of her constituency called on the Prime Minister’s office, under which the PSC falls, to please interact with the community on these issues.

She said issues such as these are sensitive, and the CDC of the Khomasdal North Constituency find it in “extreme bad taste” that this should be the criteria of employing young people.

Mensah-Williams explained that the constituencies are full of young people who have been volunteering their services, some for as long as 10 years, adding that the criteria is discriminating against such individuals.

“These individuals have been in office for so long and now they are being discriminated against just because he or she does not come from the category of OVC or struggle kids,” the vice-chairperson fumed.

She indicated that the country also has children who have never been in exile or fall under the OVC category, but are unemployed and suffer equally like the struggle kids and OVCs.

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