Environment minister talks enhancing resilience against climate change at COP-28

Environment Minister Muawiyah Radideh Sunday discussed enhancing global resilience against climate change and supporting vulnerable communities.

Radideh discussed on the sidelines of the Twenty-Eighth Conference of the Parties (COP-28) in Dubai the impact of climate changes on Jordan, noting the rise in temperatures, decrease in rainfall and increased drought.

He added that a third of Jordan’s population are refugees who have taken refuge from regional conflicts, which has led to a sharp population increase and strained the Kingdom’s “limited resources and fragile ecosystems.”

He added that His Majesty King Abdullah launched the “Connected Climate-Refugee Initiative” COP-27 in Sharm El-Sheikh in 2022.

Fifty-eight countries have supported the Initiative, which serves as one of the solutions for the Declaration on Relief, Recovery and Peace scheduled to be launched at COP-28.

He noted the “need” to bridge the adaptation financing gap in developing countries and to focus on infrastructure projects, technol
ogy and capacity building to counter climate change.

Radaideh said funding adaptation efforts would create investments, job opportunities, innovation and entrepreneurship and achieve the climate and economic development goals of developing countries.

He lauded the UAE for supporting the damage of climate change fund with $100 million.

Source: Jordan News Agency