ERC sends medical assistance team to fight cholera in Yemen’s Red Sea Coast

HODEIDAH, The UAE Emirates Red Crescent, ERC, has implemented intensified campaigns in various districts of Yemen’s Red Sea Coast, including Taiz and Hodeidah, to fight cholera, as part of the UAE’s continued support to the health sector in Yemen’s Red Sea Coast.

The UAE’s philanthropic organisation offered the government hospitals, units and health centres the necessary medicines and intravenous solutions.

The assistance included providing hospitals with successive batches of medicines, especially in the Al Waziyah and Mocha districts in the Taiz Governorate, and the Hayes and Tuhyta districts in Hodeidah.

The ERC also sent mobile clinics to a number of remote villages in the south of Tuhyta district and was able to save 280 families. Its medical team implemented an intensified campaign for 20 days in Moza’ District and for 16 days in Al Waziyah district, which successfully managed to combat the epidemic.

Source: Emirates News Agency