Five drug dealers arrested and their vehicles seized east of Baghdad

Detachments of the Intelligence Agency in Baghdad arrested five drug dealers and seized their vehicles east of Baghdad.

The Agency stated in a statement based on accurate intelligence information received by the units of the Intelligence Agency specialized in combating terrorism in Baghdad Al-Rusafa, which included the presence of a house located in Baghdad- Al-Rusafa, inside which was a group of drug dealers who were selling drugs and using their vehicles to distribute them to users. The necessary investigations were conducted and the necessary approvals were obtained. An intelligence team was formed to pursue this gang, and with a precise ambush, the detachments were able to arrest five suspects red handed inside the house and seize quantities of drugs along with tools for selling and using them, in addition to seizing a vehicle belonging to them.

The statement added that during the investigation, the defendants frankly admitted that they sold drugs and used the seized vehicle to distribute drugs to addicts. Their statements were recorded and they were referred to the relevant authorities in preparation for their appearance before the judiciary to receive their just punishment./End

Source: National Iraqi News Agency