FM Meets Newly Appointed UAE Ambassador To Kabul

Kabul -Foreign affairs minister Salahuddin Rabbani had a courtesy meeting yesterday with newly appointed United Arab Emirates ambassador to Kabul Juma Mohammad Abdullah al-Kabi.

In the meeting, minister of foreign affairs while congratulated UAE ambassador to Kabul for the new position wished him further success in his duties.

Rabbani discussed historical and political relations of Afghanistan and UAE and praised the UAE for its cooperation with Afghanistan in investment in various fields during the past 14 years.

Afterwards, the newly appointed UAE ambassador to Kabul stressed that he would seriously make effort towards further strengthening of bilateral relations between the two countries during his mission to Afghanistan.

In the meeting, Juma Mohammad Abdullah al-Kabi said that UAE wanted to invest in Afghanistan and would have good programs for cooperation with this country such as expansion of drinking water project in Nimroz, Kabul, Helmand and Nangarhar provinces, assistance to miserable families during the holy month of Ramadan and training of mosques imams in cooperation with ministry of hajj. The newly appointed UAE ambassador to Kabul added: it was determined that his country to provide granting program of domestic higher education scholarships to Afghanistan youth so that Afghan students could get high education in Afghanistan private universities through the scholarships funded by UAE.

Source: Bakhtar News Agency