FNC condemns Houthis attempt to target Makkah

ABU DHABI, The Federal National Council, FNC, has condemned in the strongest terms the attempt of the Houthi militias to target Makkah with a ballistic missile, saying that targeting the holiest place on earth during the holy month of Ramadan represents a serious escalation and an unprecedented moral bankruptcy of these militias.

In a statement released today, the FNC said the timing of this heinous attack indicates that the Houthi militias are dependent on external agendas that seek to undermine regional and international security and stability.

The FNC reiterated that such terrorist acts pose a serious threat, not only to the security and stability of Saudi Arabia, but also to the region as a whole. It also represents a desecration to the sanctity of the holy places during the holy month of Ramadan.

Source: Emirates News Agency