Foreign Minister to Arab Ambassadors: Iraq reserves the right of respond to the recent bombings in accordance with international law and norms

Baghdad Foreign Minister Mohammed Ali al-Hakim stressed, during a meeting with Arab Ambassadors accredited to Baghdad that Iraq reserves the right to respond to the recent bombings in accordance with international law and norms.

The Minister started the meeting with the blessing to the Ambassador of Sudan on the occasion of choosing a Prime Minister, which is usually a step towards achieving the aspirations of the Sudanese people. He then reviewed the political and security developments, including the recent bombings, which were of concern to Iraq, stressing that if a state is found to be involved from outside Iraq, we reserve the right to respond according to Law and international norms, pointing out that Iraq is not an arena for settling accounts, and will not allow the violation of its sovereignty.

Regarding the presence of foreign forces in Iraq, the Minister explained that they are the international coalition forces, which are present at the request of the Iraqi government, stressing that the Popular Mobilization is an Iraqi force, and part of the armed forces under the command of the commander in chief of the armed forces.

He also reviewed Iraq’s efforts to promote joint Arab action to achieve collective security, pointing out that the Middle East region faces challenges and threats to its stability and threats to its security, calling for priorities to strengthen joint efforts to achieve security, stability, and said: Iraq is at the forefront of countries supporting peacekeeping.

The meeting discussed the situation in Palestine, Syria, Yemen, Libya and Sudan.

Al-Hakim affirmed Iraq’s support for the independence of Palestine, the establishment of its state and its capital, Al-Quds Al-Sharif, the freedom of the Palestinian people, Iraq’s affirmation of the unity of Syria, and the necessity of a Syrian-Syrian dialogue to end the current crisis and stand by Iraq alongside a political solution that ends the conflict in Yemen and the human suffering that Yemenis live, and he expressed Iraq’s respect for the choices of the Sudanese people.

This meeting is a continuation of the diplomatic movement carried out by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs a few days ago, in the framework of keenness to maintain permanent contact with Ambassadors accredited to Baghdad to discuss bilateral relations and regional issues of common interest.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency