Four drug dealers arrested in their possession (200) thousand pills in Basra

The National Security Service in Basra arrested four drug dealers and seized about (200) thousand pills.

The Service stated, according to a statement, “with a tight ambush, a force from the National Security Service in Basra Governorate, after obtaining judicial approvals, managed to arrest two drug dealers in the center of the governorate, and by them, two others were arrested, one of whom was engaged in the trade and smuggling of hashish.”

It added, “this happened after the availability of confirmed intelligence information about the movements of the accused among the governorates after they used false identification identities, and they were seized with about (200) thousand narcotic pills of the type (Captacon).”

He indicated that the seized materials were confiscated in coordination with the relevant authorities, and the accused were brought to the judicial authorities.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency