Four Pakistani soldiers killed and 12 militants wounded in two attacks on two sites

The Pakistani army announced the killing of at least four soldiers and the elimination of 12 militants during two attacks on two military sites near the northern border with Afghanistan.

The army said in a statement, “A large group of militants equipped with the latest weapons attacked two Pakistani military sites in the Kalash area of Chitral province on the Pakistani-Afghan border,” noting that its forces were able to confront the militants and thwart the two attacks.

The army explained that the armed clashes between the two sides resulted in the killing of 4 Pakistani soldiers and 12 members of the armed group, in addition to seriously wounding a large number of them.

The statement affirmed the determination of the Pakistani Armed Forces to eliminate armed elements in the region, pointing out that clearing operations are currently underway in the region to eliminate any presence of attackers.

For several years, the Pakistani army has been waging an open war against armed groups in various areas of the country.

This operation comes after the Pakistani army expressed, last month, its grave concern about the existence of safe havens for militants in neighboring Afghanistan, threatening a “decisive response,” especially in the wake of the killing of 12 soldiers in an attack targeting a military base in the Balochistan province, southwest of the country.”/ End