FUNN-tastic Spring Camp announces ‘Comic Story’ workshop

SHARJAH, FUNN, the Sharjah-based organisation dedicated to promoting and supporting media arts learning among children and youth, has announced the start of a five-day ‘Comic Story’ workshop for comic art fans aged 13 to 18 as part of its annual FUNN-tastic Spring Camp.

The virtual course, running from April 4 to 8 and from 6pm to 7pm daily, is geared towards supporting skills development and advancing the artistic and technical skills of budding visual creatives.

Shaikha Al Hosani will lead the ‘Comic Story’ workshop at the 2021 FUNN-tastic Spring Camp.

Participants will be introduced to the art of character design and the language of shape in mainstream design on Day 1.

They will also learn how the physical shape of a character can show personality and elicit emotional response in viewers. On Day 2, participants will hone their skills by creating their own designs using dedicated software including Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Aftereffect, and Adobe Media Encoder.

The session on Day 3 is focused on creating backgrounds and further advancing the technical skills of the participants while on Day 4, attendees will work on animating their characters using Adobe Aftereffect.

On Day 5, following an evaluation of the participants’ work, the best animations that bring the character alive and enthuse it with personality and feelings, will be announced.


Source: Emirates News Agency

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