General Authority of Sports launches 2nd “Best Initiatives in Community Sports” competition

DUBAI, The General Authority of Sports has launched the second edition of the ‘Best Initiatives in Community Sports’ competition, as part of its strategic goal to promote community sports among individuals and the community and to make it a way of life.

The competition aims to motivate all national sectors to participate in launching innovative projects, initiatives and programmes to encourage all the segments of the community to practice sports, which will serve the public interest by creating an active community and reducing obesity and diseases caused by the lack of exercise.

The competition comprises three main categories – sports clubs, higher education institutions and community institutions. The first category includes all sports clubs registered with the authority, and the second category includes all higher education institutions authorised by the Ministry of Education to launch initiatives promoting community sports. The third category includes all institutions, including youth welfare organisations, which look after various segments of the community, by providing social care services.

Ibrahim Abdul Malik Mohammed, Secretary-General of the General Authority of Sports, stated that the competition’s second edition was launched after the success of the first edition and the wide participation of sports clubs and targeted authorities in organising creative community sporting initiatives, which helped to promote a sports culture among members of the community.

Khalid Abdullah Al Hussain, Director of the Sports Affairs Administration, stressed that the initiative aims to motivate various national sectors to participate in implementing innovative projects and initiatives, to encourage the community to practice community sports.

Omar Khalaf, Head of the Committee Supervising the Competition, said that they have set five key criteria for assessing the participating authorities, including organisation and management, participating programmes and activities, the media, monitoring and evaluation.

The committee has stated that they will receive entries from participants for the competition between 1st and 22nd February 2018. The jury will start assessing the requests and approving the qualifying authorities for the final round, which will be visited for field assessments and verifications of their initiatives and programmes on 1st March 2018.

Source: Emirates News Agency