Global Focus Project honours outstanding female, male photographers from six continents at Xposure2024Communications Minister says US participation in Jordan’s airdrops in Gaza ‘dismantling’ international support for Israel

SHARJAH: The inaugural edition of the Global Focus Project of the Xposure International Photography Festival (Xposure 2024) on Friday felicitated 12 photographers and two independent photojournalists with awards for their exemplary work that portrayed their home country through their unique artistic perspectives.

The photographers were nominated by industry experts from around the globe. Each nominee was asked to submit a body of work, and after careful and thoughtful consideration, a final selection of 12 photographers, one female and one male from each of the six continents, was chosen by an International Committee of judges. The award was presented by Alia Al Suwaidi, Director of the Sharjah Government Media Bureau (SGMB).

Thandiwe Muriu, from Africa, won an award for her work “Camo,” which showcases Africa’s mix of vibrant textiles, cultural practices, and beauty ideologies. In the male category, Gurcharan Roopra won the award for his collection, “The High and Low of Wildlife Photography,” which is a bl
end of aerial shots and ground-level photography, showcasing the beauty of nature.

In Asia, Emily Garthwaite won the award for her work, “The Tears of the Tigris.” ‘The project started as an expedition and now the collection of photographs shed light on the plight of people who are facing the brunt of the scarcity of water,’ said Emily while receiving the award. Sirachai Arunrugstichai, a marine biologist, received the award for his work, “Divergent Currents: Opposite Paths of Marine Conservation in the Andaman Sea of Myanmar.” The project is an extension of his research. ‘I chose to photograph because many times people do not read research papers. It is easy to communicate through the medium of photographs,’ Sirachai said.

From Australia and Oceania, Charlotte Piho won the award for her work ‘Bridging the Gap: Human Emotions and Animal Emotions,’ and Shane Hulbert took the award in the male category for his photo exhibition on ‘Import/Export: Narratives and Myth in the Australian landscape.’ Charlotte
highlighted how she uses a paddleboard in the seas and oceans to capture stunning images.

In Europe, Chantal Pinzi took the award for her work, “Shred the Patriarchy,” a project that inspires more women globally to express themselves through skateboarding. ‘I am continuing this project and going to India next,’ she said. Mario Heller won the award for his exhibition on “Arctic Dreams.” Both these photographers from Europe said they used the internet for inspiration and ideation.

In North America, Erin Trieb’s work ‘The War at Home’, capturing the plight of American war veterans, won the award in the female category. Stephan Falke, on the other hand, won the award for his photographs clicked during the pandemic. Falke’s work, ‘Keep Going New York!!’ showcases people in the city that has always bustled with activity but was lulled by the pandemic.

In South America, Gabriel Chaim won an award for his images that captured the realities of gold smuggling in Brazil. His work, “Amazon and the Gold of Hunger,” sho
wcased hope and the reality of the land that has been plundered and polluted by smugglers. Johanna Alarcón won the award for ‘Cimarrona, I am Black because the Sun Looked at Me’.

The eighth annual International Photography Festival, Xposure, is organised by the Sharjah Government Media Bureau (SGMB) and will be open until March 5 at Expo Centre Sharjah.

Source: Emirates News Agency

Amman: Minister of Government Communications Muhanad Mubaideen said the US participation in the Jordanian airdrops in Gaza indicates the “dismantling” of the international support for Israel.

Mubaideen said Saturday that the US participation in the airdrops for aid over Gaza “is a continuation of the Jordanian humanitarian effort that His Majesty King Abdullah II emphasised last Thursday in Ma’an.”

He told the Al Mamlaka news channel over the telephone that today’s airdrop took in northern Gaza, which is the area most exposed to the Israeli-imposed siege, starvation and “systematic destruction.”

He said the airdrops of humanitarian aid in the northern parts of the embattled enclave follow King Abdullah’s efforts and engagement with the White House, UN, Canada and the EU, adding, “This is one of the most important global, Western and Arab responses to the King’s call that there is a possible effort during the Israeli-imposed siege.”

Mubaideen explained that the American airdrop operations indicate that the
US administration believes that the Israelis complicate the process of delivering aid.

Source: Jordan News Agency