Gulf Precast Expands its Operations to Iraq

ABU DHABI, UAE, February 10, 2013 /PRNewswire –

Gulf Precast announced the opening of its Iraqi Branch. This first International Branch opened by the UAE Leader in Precast Production should be soon followed by many others in the Gulf Region, including Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Oman.

Gulf Precast operates in the United Arab Emirates for the last 28 years. It has gained a solid market reputation for the Quality of its processes and products, and had handled many iconic projects, such as the Dubai Mall, the Paris Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi, high rise towers in the Jumeirah Beach Residence complex, more than 2,000 villas in the Al Falah Community Development, to name a few. From the Design process, to the Precast Production in one of its 7 plants, to the Site Installation, its entire value chain follows strict national and international standards for Quality, Environment and Safety.

Gulf Precast has decided on a policy of international expansion in the Gulf Region, and its Iraqi Branch is the first step in that direction, to be followed by many other Branches, as disclosed by its CEO, Elias Seraphim, who stated that “Gulf Precast aims as proposing its high level of expertise gained in the United Arab Emirates to neighbouring Gulf Countries, wishing to capitalise on the added value of Precast use in terms of Quality, Sustainability, Time and Cost.”

The 2012 Award Winner of the Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award intends to make full use of its UAE support processes, and complement them with production plants in the country where the developments are to take place. This will be facilitated by Gulf Precast’s in-depth experience in setting up semi-mobile site plants, such as the ones it had established for the construction of the Dubai International Airport Tunnel, or the Al Falah site plant to cater for part of a development scope comprising of 2069 villas as well as 310 kilometres of Boundary Wall.

In times where Quality and Sustainability considerations are in the forefront of governmental and private construction initiatives thought-out the Gulf Region, the opening of  Gulf Precast Branches are viewed as a step in the right direction.

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